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Training and Behaviour


My aim is to teach you and your dog, using kind and reinforcement-based tools and techniques, how to truly understand each other.
Dog Walk

Life Skills

Covering the necessary life skills to make you walks more enjoyable and safe. 

Relaxed lead package: £108 (3x 1h session every 1-2 weeks + follow up trough out)

Recall Package: £98 (3x 1h session every 1-2 weeks + follow up trough out)

Combination of both package: £167 (6x 1h session every 1-2 weeks + follow up trough out)

Individual training session: £45


Dog-Dog & Dog-Human 
social skills

Dogs are social creatures and like to be with humans and their own specie. Sometimes they just need a little bit more help with build up emotions associated with the environment they find themselves in and caused by unpleasant or limited experience and knowledge. 

Consultation: £109 (summary of your plan and 2 weeks follow up)

1h session: £59 (with 2 weeks follow up)

3x Sessions & support Package: £169

(3x 1h session every 2 weeks + follow up trough out = 8 week plan)

Online support package: £75

(2x 30min zoom check and online tracker for 4 weeks)

Golden Retriever

Senior care &


6 week package : £


Scent work

Foundation of scent work are great as an enrichment for any age and any breed and it can be extremely helpful in some "reactivity" cases.

4 week package: £

Scent work


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