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As part of our walking service I always hold a free ‘meet and greet’ consultation, prior to any new booking to ensure the best care can be provided for your pet.

Group walk

I like to keep my group walks small to a maximum of 4 - 6 at any given time, as I believe this provides better care and attention for your pet. Walks are then tailored to the needs of the group and individual from the small or slow to the energetic pups.

The walks are provided from early morning trough to the lunchtime.

1/2h Walk and play: £7 (additional dog in the family £5)

1h: £12 (additional dog in the family £6)

Weekend and solo walks: £14


Social walks
& Walk and train

"Fearful" and "reactive" dogs for whatever the reason who need gentle introduction with the outside world, can join our organised social walks or arrange walk and train with me. There I can help you to build their confidence in safe and structured settings. Both programs are open to current clients and new clients after initial consultation to ensure I have the right plan and group for your and your dog's needs.

Consultation: £36

Walk and train: £18

Social Walk: £10 per dog (additional dog in the family £4)

Details on dates and location of social walks can be found HERE

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Feeding Guinea Pig

Pet visit

Every pet has different needs and requires different attention. I will tailor each visit to ensure your pet will be cared for in their own safe and familiar environment and have everything they need. 

Per visit: £5 (additional pet of different kind £3)



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