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Level 1 Instructor and Judge

Our aim is to train dogs successfully using kind and reinforcement-based tools and techniques, to help the you to learn how to truly transform canine behaviour and set your dog up for success, using the latest modern science methods.


Before our training sessions begin, I always hold an initial consultation and assessment. This allows the opportunity to discuss the specific requirements and possible outcome.


If you find yourself a little  puzzled by your dog's behaviour, I am here to help you to find a successful resolution and get you back on track. In order to prepare specific training requirements, there needs to be an initial consultation.


During our consultation, I will put myself in your shoes to help me understand what you and your dog are going through with the aim to identify the root cause of your struggles, set goals and priorities, help you understand why your dog behaves and reacts the way they do. 


The consultation covers and includes the following aspects:

  • Face to face meeting to allow observation of your dogs behaviour and to discuss your concerns or aspirations. During the time together you can ask as many questions as you like. 

  • Implementing short term management 

  • Full assessment of the issues and concerns you have

  • Help and guidance before our meet

  • Creation of a bespoke training plan, tailored to your specific needs


Subsequent session/s can be in person sessions and/or online.

This will further be supported by:

  • Step by step training plan

  • Video tutorials of all exercises covered

  • Handouts

  • Unlimited support calls or chat for the entire duration of your training.

Consultation: £80 per session

1x Session: £55

Package of 3x Session: £150


Due to the recent pandemic we have been able to develop online consultations and sessions. There are many advantages to virtual sessions: Great option for dogs that don't like to travel, are nervous of people and visitors, puppies that are not ready to venture out, dogs that are not happy to be alone or that are not happy around other dogs. You will have more time to work with your dog from place where they are most comfortable. You don't have to wear a mask or brave the weather.


During the live sessions, we will build on your foundation skills and with the support of written handouts and video library you will be able to work on many skills such as loose lead walking, recall, basic manners, housetraining and many more.


All you need is computer or phone with camera and access to internet. Some of our sessions can also be outside. We currently use online video chat program Zoom. It is easy to use wherever you are. - GET GUIDE HERE


Please note: We are able to provide these services only within a 6 mile radius of Newburgh

This program is offered as a special aid to current training you might be undergoing with your dog. The goal is to help you to understand the nature of the dog’s specific behaviour and their reasons behind it. Because life and busy work schedules do get in the way sometimes, it’s understandable that teaching your dogs to successfully live and cope with our human life can become very challenging. Or you may simply need help with engaging the dog’s mind to have a happy and relaxed pup! For that reason we will support you and take your dog not only for a walk, but to help them learn!


The walks are adapted to suit each individual dog and their specific behaviour ensuring that they are given full focus for the duration. The areas we can focus on can be from basic manners to more complex behaviour development, such as reactivity or anxiety. Through a mutual communication and consistency we can help your dog to progress with their training and help you maintain the progress.


Learning mental exercise is very exhausting and can be overwhelming. The length of the session will depending on the complexity of the behaviour and how the dog is getting on. The session locations may vary, depending on what needs to be addressed at the time.


Each session can be booked as required or on a regular basis. The frequency required to optimise the development of your dog is largely dependent on your own input and involvement in their journey.

Walk & Train: £35 per walk


In recent times, puppy training started to take slightly different route which has been a lot easier for the pups learning and allowed them to progress much faster in their journey to adolescence. If you are just thinking of getting a new puppy or already welcomed one in to your family, we can help you to get the right start. 



If you are thinking of getting new puppy and not sure where to start, we can schedule a 45min video call, to help you set up your home and get what you need.

Pre Puppy consult: £25


1.2.1 PUPPY 4 week plan: which provides you with the life skills getting use to collars and harness, loose lead foundations, sit, down, settle, body checking and grooming, chewing/ mouthing, leave and drop, puppy recall and new experiences – people, sounds, environment.

1.2.1 Puppy: £170