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Our aim is to train dogs successfully using powerful positive reinforcement-based tools and techniques, to help the guardians to learn how to truly transform canine behavior and set their dogs up for success using the latest modern behavioral science methods. Before our training sessions begin, I always hold an initial consultation. This gives everyone the opportunity to ensure we will be able to work well together. The meeting is also the ideal opportunity for discussion relating to the specific requirements and possible outcome.


During this session I will put myself in your shoes to help me understand what you and your dog are going through. I start off with an information packed private consultation (usually in your home), where I assess your dog, discuss desired behaviours, identify your goals/priorities. I only use the help of science, kind approach, motivation and reward to design a customised training plan tailored to your needs and find the right way of communication, understanding and trust for you to be able to overcome the sometimes difficult times.


Individual sessions can then be booked as needed or a 4 week plan (1x session per week) is set up. My goal is to give you the tools you need to be able to work with your dog for the rest of their life. However after our sessions I am still available for any questions you might have related to the training discussed and to monitor your progress to make sure that our plan is working.


Due to the recent pandemic we have been able to develop online consultations and sessions. Virtual sessions are great option for dogs that don't like to travel, are nervous of people and visitors, puppies that are not ready to venture out, dogs that are not happy to be alone or that are not happy around other dogs, and you will have more time to work with your dog from place where they are most comfortable. 


With the help of our live sessions, written handouts and video library we can work on many other skills such as loose lead walking, recall, basic manners, housetraining and many more.


All you need is computer or phone with camera and access to internet. Some of our sessions can also be outside. We currently use online video chat program Zoom. It is easy to use wherever you are.

Dog Walking / training

The goal is to help the guardians to understand the nature the dog’s specific behaviour and their reasons behind it. This programme will help embrace your dog's strength and boost the bond between you and your dog, by being able to communicate and connect with ease through mutual understanding. Because life and busy work schedule do get in the way sometimes, it’s understandable that teaching our dogs to successfully live and cope with our human life can become very challenging. Or you may simply need help with engaging the dog’s mind to have a happy and relaxed pup! For that reason we will go THE EXTRA MILE to help you and take your dog for a walk to learn!


This package means the walks are adapted to suit each individual dog and their specific behaviour development needs, ensuring that they are given full focus for the duration. The areas we can focus on can be from basic manners to more complex behaviour development, such as reactivity or anxiety. You will be provided with updates once per week on how your dog is progressing and all the necessary tools to help you maintain the progress. These tools will be individual to the specific needs and aligned to how dogs learn. Some other additional tools will also include what your dog’s body language is telling you and how to effectively use yours to support your dog’s development and progress.


Each walking session will last anything from 30 to 45min depending on the complexity of the behaviour and how the dog is getting on, as mental exercise is very exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. The session locations will vary, again depending on what needs to be addressed at the time.


Each session costs £25 and can be booked as required or on a regular basis. The frequency required to optimise the development of your dog is largely dependent on your own input and involvement in their journey, through the use of the guidance given in the updates. (We are able to provide these services only within a 6 mile radius of Newburgh)


Watching puppies grow and develop is a fun, exciting and rewarding time and we would love to be part of it. Puppies under 6m would benefit from solo walks/visits and we can tailor those visits to suit your needs with our two special packages.

BABY STEPS puppy package: which provides you with the basic needs of 1x or 2x 30min visits per day - toilet break, scheduled feeding time, play time to helping them with cognitive and problem solving skills, getting use to collars and harness, sit, down or settle and a solo 15min outdoor walk when ready.

Or our special GIANT LEAP package where we will help you to make all the important progress through the puppy development.  This package includes 1x 1h visit with all the BABY STEPS but also covering the basic behaviours and routines such as: house-training, crate training, settle and bed time routines, feeding routines, body checking and grooming, chewing, mouthing, puppy recall, focus and new experiences – people, sounds, smells, surfaces, food manners, sit, down, stand, controlled play and many more.


For puppies from 6 months up to 2 years we can include advanced basic behaviour training such as loose lead walking, recall, play sessions, confidence building, problem solving, enrichment, socialisation walks as well as focus and attention in real life.

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